Heating Service in Valdosta

Heating and cooling account for about 56% of the energy use in a typical home. Keep in mind that properly maintaining the system is every bit important in the winter as the summer. We are running fall specials on tune ups and cleanings for your heating system so call for details.

A wide variety of technologies are available for heating your home, and they achieve a wide range of efficiencies in converting their energy sources into useful heat. In addition, many heating sources have certain supporting equipment in common, such as thermostats and ducts, which provide opportunities for saving energy. It is a great time to have your ductwork or thermostat evaluated to make sure your not wasting energy dollars.

Saving energy in your home can be easy. It is important to think about not only improving your existing heating system, but also consider the energy efficiency of the supporting equipment and the possibility of either adding supplementary sources of heating or simply replacing your system altogether.