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Home air conditioning is a luxurious component of living indoors. It is fair to assume that many people do have air conditioning in South Georgia, but there are still people out there that must go with out every summer. Since air conditioning is considered a luxury it can tend to be expensive to buy and maintain. Many homeowners do not think much of their AC system until it breaks down or runs their power bill up beyond belief. If you neglect your AC system, it will break down and it will cost more in energy consumption to operate – meaning a higher power bill.

In future posts I will make many comparisons of AC systems and cars. Both of these items are luxuries and both can tend to be expensive to maintain, but you can live without them and still survive. The question is: How much money are you willing to invest in it and do you want your family friend’s cousin’s nephew to work on it when it breaks down? My answer is that I love air conditioning and I cannot do without it if it breaks down. I only want the best to work on it and keep it running at a low cost. Any thoughts? You can also call us at 244-0192 if you have any questions about your AC system.

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